"Adam (One Sock Off)"

Adam and Wayne are boyfriends and they enjoy each other's hairy bodies. They both have a passion for socks and feet too. So if Adam's sock disappeared it might be over by Wayne, and stay turned for what he could be doing with it.

"Woodgod 11"

He loves nature and being out in the woods. He's also super hairy in case you didn't notice!

"Heavy Metal"

He is a legendary warrior with sword in hand. He's ready to strike and make his enemies fall before his might. But he also has a tender heart for that special man in his life.

"Prince of the Temple City #4"

"Prince of the Temple City (At Rest)"

He's had a long and hard day, especially being the leader of the city. So after he finished his work he decided to take a nap, but unfortunately he would enjoy some companionship while resting. He seeks cuddles and a lot of kisses. Hopefully someone will come by soon...

"The Invitation"

He loves taking a dip in his hot tub. But he would really enjoy some company tonight. Any takers...?

"The Mob Rules"

Inspired from the Heavy Metal soundtrack.

Black Sabbath

"Close the city and tell the people that something's coming to call
Death and darkness are rushing forward to take a bite from the wall,
You've nothing to say
They're breaking away
If you listen to fools
The Mob Rules"