"Steven and Jeff"

They're boyfriends, and while walking home late one evening, they encounter and strange phenomenon that starts their adventure on an alien world.

Stay tuned for my independent book, Beneath the Ice. Coming next year.

"The Velocity of Love"

There's nothing better than wrapping your arms around a great guy and cuddling beside him for hours. Read about Wayne and Adam in my upcoming independent book, The Stargazer's Journey.

"The Gift"

Given to him by a beloved friend, he wears the necklace with pride wherever he ventures to. In battle or with his boyfriend, he keeps it on at all times. It is a symbol of friendship, a message from the past, and keepsake he will always treasure.

"Wayne and Adam (sharing a pair)"

They love savoring each other's body, especially their socks and feet. A little sniff here and there added with some kisses and sucking on toes...yummy!

"Adam with Wayne"

Boyfriends and lovers... read about their thrilling adventure in my upcoming independent book, The Stargazer's Journey.

"Adam (One Sock Off)"

Adam and Wayne are boyfriends and they enjoy each other's hairy bodies. They both have a passion for socks and feet too. So if Adam's sock disappeared it might be over by Wayne, and stay turned for what he could be doing with it.

"Woodgod 11"

He loves nature and being out in the woods. He's also super hairy in case you didn't notice!