It's not just about the blood...

Shouldn't a man who risks his life get rewarded in the end? I think he should be. In fact, he should be showered in rewards in my opinion. And it's not just the gladiator who deserves such praise from my point of view, but all men who swing a tightly gripped blade in their hand.

In a previous blog I mentioned the Starz show Spartacus (a favorite of mine), and how delicious the drama and eye-candy is. After all, what's not to like about a school of scantly clad warriors getting it on in the arena. But what I enjoy most about the show is that life in the ludus is not exclusively about the spilling of blood. There's a different side to those rough and tough guys, a side that shows a little bit of substance behind the shield, beneath the armor, making the show not just about the blood. It's not just about the hard pecs, strong thighs, powerful shoulders, and rugged looks either. However, I am glad those particular aspects are included in each episode. 

So enjoy my latest series, Gladiator.



  1. I really, really loved this series. How you captured the hair on this hunk is truly remarkable. mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you so much continued success

    1. Thank you! I do love a hairy guy :)