Every dog needs to let his tail wag after a long work week, and what better club to wash away troubles in than the Arkenstone. Down a dark alley lined with scattered newspapers, old pallets, broken bottles, and graffiti you'll find a doorway to a place that's free, a place where ears are always up and never down. Inside there's a crowd, yet you'll find privacy here too. Infused with music, lights, smoke, and drinks these two doggies playfully unwind throughout the night.

One is a warrior, a tough guy who totes a gun. He's a fan of the ink, also, having colorful sleeves tattooed down each furry arm of his. And talking to him you might think he's got a big chip on his shoulder, but that's just an act. His bark is worse than his bite … mostly.

A fighter of a different sort, casting magic is his partner's trade. Able to summon magical creatures to do his bidding, he becomes somewhat of a showoff when bar patrons beg for a little supernatural demonstration. He gives them a dragon tonight, but only a small one, and showing it briefly I might add. After all, he didn't come here to entertain all the other “sniffers” or “tail wagers” this evening. His attention is focused on one thing in particular—a certain pooch's tail he's eager to get his fingers wrapped around tonight.

Shirts come off. Boots and socks land onto piles of pants. Though someone still has his barkin' briefs on, but they won't be on for long.

Stay. Enjoy.

Have a drink or two. Sniff your way around. Dance with someone whose tail lifts into a curl when they see you.

It's doggy's night out at the Arkenstone.

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